The Story ofSugarSpell

Blending different flavors to find delicious new combinations has always appealed to me. Food, for me is an experience that combines all of my senses. Not only taste, but texture, aroma, and sight. When done well, it evokes emotions, and can trigger memories, and transport you to another place or time. I have been in love with sweets, in particular, since before I can even remember.

The joy they can bring has the potential to turn a bad day around, and change the way you feel. Concocting sugary treats is also a way for me to express my creative side. Not only does the finished sweet have an effect, but the process of baking calms me, and is almost a form of meditation.

If I had to describe baking in a single word? Happiness.
My sweet sensations have brought smiles to birthdays, anniversaries, artist receptions - to events of all kinds, for family, friends, and acquaintances. It has always brought me happiness to see them being enjoyed, and to hear about how they helped make the occasion memorable.

Now I'm finally ready to take the leap and pursue it as a business. Won't you take the journey with me? Sweets aren't only for special moments (who can wait that long?) but should be savored for a variety of reasons, or for no reason at all. Create your own special moment every day! I'll be there to help, with a rotating menu of treats to match my weekly whims and flights of fancy.
All this fascination with flavor and pride in practice has brought me to this point, where I combine technique and art into my own special kind of alchemy. It is a careful weaving of sense, of emotion, and of thought, into an experience. This craft is something I think of as the way of sucromancy, or translated from Latin to English: SugarSpell.

Fear not, sucromancy is not a malicious kind of magic. It's only purpose is to delight both the practitioner and the recipient, as we enjoy dessert, one of the greatest experiences in life.

What people are saying

"We cannot thank you enough for all the time and hard work you spent to make our day great!! The treats were a HUGE hit and we even had all the hotel staff asking if they could take a few home because they were so good! They were absolutely perfect ❤️ thank you thank you thank you!"

Amy and Sloan SidelingerNewly Married Couple

"April's desserts are as beautiful to look at as they are tasty! She does a masterful job combining food and art."

Sally DavisEvent Guest

"Unique creations. Beautiful to look at and incredibly tasty to eat. April delivers distinctive and satisfying treats for any occasion."

Cathy ShowalterCustomer

"I am always amazed at the elegant presentation and delicious taste of April's wonderful creations of desserts."

Kellie ChasseEvent Guest

"April is not only a fantastic baker, but has the most creative ideas for recipes and presenting her delicious wares!!!"

Anne MosherCustomer

"Photographing April's baking creations has been one of my favorite projects, and not just because I get to help eat them afterwards."

Leon VanellaPhotographer / Royal Food Taster